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Terms and conditions of purchase


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  3. Price and payment
  4. Delivery
  5. Warranty
  6. Right of appeal
  7. Complaints
  8. Help for cancellation, warranty or complaint
  9. Environmental responsibility
  10. Registration obligation at NRK’s ​​Licensing Department
  11. Confidentiality and Security,
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Vendor: ScandicTech AS

Vendor website: https://scandictech.com



When ordering, the purchase agreement only applies when the Vendor has confirmed the order with an order confirmation by e-mail. The order confirmation is automatically generated by the Vendor’s database without manual supervision. Faulty or missing in price information, delivery time, etc., we reserve the right to correct this in retrospect. If you are not satisfied with the vendor’s corrections or think that the product information is incorrect, you can of course choose to cancel your order.


The Vendor concludes an agreement with an authorized person, alternate guardian and legal person. If you are underage as per the law of the government, a guardian must act for you. When you place an order for products or services through Vendor website, you automatically approve our Terms and Conditions. All products sold through the vendor website will remain the Vendor’s property until they are paid.


When ordering. the agreement is filed at the Vendor’s website and is available through the Vendor Customer Service.


Price and payment

2.1 Price

Prices are exclusive of VAT, but you will see prices including VAT during checkout process. In the case of a confirmed order, prices can only be changed by circumstances that the Vendor does not have, for example. material change in commodity prices, currency changes or a change in the VAT rate. You can also choose Express Handling if you wish to get your order delivered faster. Our central warehouse is located in Stavanger, but of course you do not pay an extra toll fee for this. Contact us for delivery options that suit you best.


2.2 Repayment

Any repayments are primarily made directly to the card you paid. If you did not pay by card, we will refund to your bank account, personal account or bank account. Payment will be made within 10 working days. The day we received and approved your return.

2.3 Payment method

You can choose from the following payment options:


Postage Requirements – You pay at the post office or at the door when your home drive takes place. If you pay at the door, you can only pay the order with a regular bank card. Postage fee of kr. 50, – is available. Orders ordered as “Pallet on the door” can not be ordered against mail order.


Bank / Credit Card – For those who have VISA or Mastercard, but not credit cards issued by a non-Nordic bank. You enter the card number and card expiry date. The money is reserved from the account when you register your order and are charged only on delivery. We use VbV (Verified by Visa). It is a global security standard developed by VISA and Mastercard for payments over the Internet. The transfer of the money occurs with SSL encryption. This means that no unauthorized person can see your credit card information.


Mobile Data Warehouse-Invoice – Together with Resource Bank, we offer to trade on invoice. Administration fee of kr. 45, -.


Part payment – Together with Resource Bank, we offer the option to split the payment. You can choose to pay interest-free for up to 12 months or choose a longer period of low interest rates. If you choose to pay directly, it is only the administration fee of kr. 45, – which becomes extra


Security on payment to Vendor – We are committed to providing safe and safe payment options. For questions about safety or if you want to know more about our payment options, please contact our customer service on phone. No: 51 32 85 00 or contact your bank.



3.1 Delivery time

Fastest delivery time is 1-3 business days after we have received your order and if you order before 12.00 the item will be shipped the same day. If you choose regular shipping, delivery time is 4 to 6 business days. At capacity, all orders are shipped the day after ordering, but at high speed orders with express delivery are prioritized and sent first. Orders with regular shipping will in some cases be shipped a few days after ordering, and delivery time will be 4 to 6 business days.


* Exceptions are for islands and the northernmost parts of Norway, where it may take up to 2 days extra for delivery to arrive.


When one or more products on your order are out of stock, we will try to provide you with the right information as soon as possible, by email, when your order can be delivered. In cases where a product must be ordered from the supplier, delivery time may be slightly longer. Delivery information can be found in more detail under the heading “Stock status” on our Internet pages. Notifications about any deviations from the normal delivery time or the information on the Internet are provided in connection with the order confirmation. You have, of course, the right to cancel the agreement or, if necessary, change your order. If you have ordered more than one product, you may receive the products in separate shipments. You do not pay any extra shipping costs for this.


If you wish to change to another shipping address after the item has been shipped, this will cost kr 200, -.


When launching new products: We will do our utmost to ensure that the product reaches you on launch date, but we can not guarantee that the product is you in her for launch.


For unpatched packages with a value of less than 500, – you will receive an invoice of 195 NOK. For unpatched packages with a value of over 500, – you will receive an invoice of 395, -. This is to cover any costs. Therefore, you should always pick up your orders within 14 days of delivery at the post office.

3.2 Delivery method

Shipping cost for express delivery will vary depending on delivery method and size.


Letter – Order with small weight and volume can be delivered as a letter. The letters are delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox. NB If you choose a letter as a shipping method, you can not pay for postage.


Service Pack – Orders weighing up to 35 kg or not exceeding max length: 240 cm or Length circumference max 360 cm, can be ordered according to the delivery method “Service Pack”. This means that your delivery will arrive at your nearest post office. It may be for example. a local supermarket shop in your local area. Notification of arriving package will be sent to the recipient’s mailing address. The package can be retrieved from the Post Office / Post in Store, or exported via Country Mail.


Packing on the door – For orders that are within the limit of “Service Pack” you can also choose the “Pack on the door” delivery method. Unfortunately, the mail can not be delivered to all mailing addresses (A list of the mail’s exit area can be found here). “Pack on the door” means that you will get your order delivered to you on weekdays between kl. From 17.00 to 21.00.


Note: You are notified by SMS when the package is on its way and is called 30-60 minutes before the package is delivered. Remember to leave your mobile number when you order. If you are not present at the time of expiry, they will return a retrieval message to you. You can then contact Posten for a new date of exit. You reach them by phone. 810 00 710. Please note that the Post will charge according to their tariffs.


Pallet on the door – By choosing the delivery method “Pallet on the Door” you get orders that are above the limit of “Service package” delivered to you on weekdays between kl. From 10.00 to 16.00. When the delivery arrives at your local area, the Mail will contact you by phone. It is therefore important that you register a phone number on your customer profile at Mobileogdatakliniken so the Post can contact you. If you miss the agreed delivery time, you will find a callback with a phone number you can call to get a new time. Note that the Post will pay according to your tariffs. Please note that for those who live on an island without a bridge connection, the following applies: You who choose the delivery pallet on the door will receive a confirmation of Bring Express. Then you can arrange transport from the mainland. For more information about your shipment, please contact the Post on telephone number: 22 02 46 00Post on the door can only be paid with VISA or Mastercard. (see item 2, “Price and Payment”)


Business Package – When ordering through a business with the Business Package delivery method, delivery will only take place at your company’s delivery address on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00. The post delivers without contacting you first. If there is no one who can accept the delivery, a retrieval will be returned and you must pick up the package at the Post Office / Post in Store. Business packages can only be used for deliveries that are within the limit of “Service Pack”. If the package is outside the “Service package” limit, use the delivery method “Pallet on the door” NB: As an individual, you can not choose the “Business Package” delivery method. This applies only to company-to-business addresses, not to mailboxes. You can only order by bank / credit card with this method of delivery.

Contact us for delivery options that suit you best.


3.3 Delivery delay

If delivery is delayed, you will be notified by e-mail. You as a customer always have the right to cancel the purchase at a delay. We will do everything in our power to complete your order. However, there may be situations that make it impossible for us to complete an order, for example. if our supplier can not deliver by appointment. We reserve the right to disclaim all liability for damages on delivery.


3.4 Replacement item

If any of the items you have ordered are not in stock, we will send an equivalent replacement item in some cases. You have full return rights, and get the money back for both goods and shipping if you are not satisfied. When returning, contact the Vendor’s Customer Service on phone mentioned on the Contact Us page, Top of every page, Footer area of every page within the vendor website,  to receive a return ticket.


3.5 Transport risk

We stand for the transport risk, that is to say. the risk that the product will be damaged or weighed during transport from our warehouse to you. The Vendor checks each shipment before it is sent to you. Should the product be damaged, the Vendor needs to fix the error free of charge.


3.6 Transport Damage / Trouble Shooting


It is important that you perform a correct error review.


Visible error: Marked on delivery receipt when you receive the item, if you receive the item at your place. The damage should be reported to the Vendor Customer Service immediately (see contact page for contact details). Always take pictures of packaging and product that you send to us via the contact page. If you picked up the item at the post office or received the package as a package on the door, you must report at the place of delivery, fill out a complaint and deliver the damaged product with packaging. When you receive a receipt, send an e-mail with this receipt and pictures of the product and the packaging.


Hidden errors: This must be reported within 3 days to the Vendor (see contact page for the contact information). Also, notify at the place of delivery (in case of package on the door and service package), fill in an injury notice and deliver the damaged product with packaging. When you receive a receipt, send an e-mail to us with this receipt and pictures of the product and the packaging. Products you have received as a Pallet on the door, you only report to us with photos of the product and the packaging within 3 days of receipt. A product that we find has been mistaken or damaged, we will change if you wish, or pay back the money as well as the shipping cost. If you have ordered more items than it returned, we do not pay the full shipping cost. When the Vendor sends a package to you, the Vendor is at risk. When returning to the Vendor, you represent the risk, whether it concerns return on open purchase, service, warranty or complaint. Therefore, consider packing the product carefully and always use internal packaging.


3.7 Share order

If any of the items you ordered have a significantly longer delivery time than other articles, we may in some cases divide the order. As a customer, you never have to pay more than the original agreed shipping cost.


3.8 Orders not retrieved

If you do not pick up your order at Posten, we have to charge you kr. 345, – for our costs.



4.1 Length of warranty

We give you 1 year’s warranty on most of our products. For computer products, telephony, game consoles and portable audio, 1 year warranty applies. In those cases, where the supplier provides a better warranty, you will of course get the extended warranty period.

Consumables and accessories such as Projector lamps, battery and chargers follow the supplier’s warranty, which may be shorter than one year.

4.2 Scope of warranty

The product warranty applies to fabrication errors that occur during the warranty period. In addition to the mentioned warranty and fabrication error on LCD and plasma monitors / televisions, the following warranty applies to pixels. For example, Handling errors or incorrect products are billed for the investigation costs of our service providers. This also applies to cases where they / we cannot find any errors on the product or if you have caused the damage yourself. The product warranty does not apply to the errors that occur or after you have changed the product’s function or appearance, for example. rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product without the prior written approval of the Vendor.


4.3 Examination

Before a warranty repair or warranty return can be approved, one of our service providers needs to investigate your product. We have chosen our partners carefully and offer nationwide service to provide you with first-rate warranty terms. If it is found that it is a self-inflicted error (including defective product, malfunction due to negligence, etc.), the Vendor or Service Center is entitled to charge the cost of the investigation.


4.4 Use of the guarantee

Your warranty item is enclosed in the e-mail that was sent to you the same day as we picked and packed your order. Take care of the document, as it is a practical document to have if you will use your warranty or right of withdrawal.


Right of withdrawal

5.1 General

How do I use the product?

We offer our customers an extended return ticket of 30 days from receipt of the item. In order to undo your purchase, you can use the product for up to 30 days before returning. In case of any loss of value resulting from the use of the product beyond the description of the product’s nature, characteristics and function, you must cover as a customer. If you wish to return a product, this must be reported to the Vendor within 30 days of receipt of the product.


If you choose to make use of your right of withdrawal, please bear in mind that the product should be substantially unaltered, i.e. not damaged or damaged. Keep in mind that you are facing the transport risk back to us. Be careful when packing the product, and preferably use original carton / product packaging and packaged packaging, as well as any outer carton or at least equivalent shipping packaging that the product has received. A tip is therefore to take care of all original packaging and cartons until you are sure if you want to keep the item. The item must be returned in full condition, which means that all accessories such as remote control, operating instructions, batteries, etc. shall be included in the return.


The Vendor reserves the right to charge a self-service charge for missing parts by a non-complete return to us. Missing remote control is charged with kr. 500, -. The Vendor does not accept packages sent in post-demand.


How to return an item


Print and fill out the deadline or return form contained in the email that was sent to you the same day as we picked and packed your order. By doing this, you help us so that we can provide you with better and faster service.


If your return package is within the “Service Pack” limit, you can post it via your Post Office or Post in Store.


If the package you are returning is beyond the “Service Pack” limit, please contact our Customer Center. This is to order a collection of the package at your home. Payment for return freight is adjusted in connection with the refund from us.


The buyer is responsible for the risk of the package it is delivered to the seller. We recommend sending the return as a traceable package or as a registered post. In order for us to find your return more easily, it’s good if you sign in with a tracking number from the mail. Remember to take good care of your receipt.


If you as a customer use the right of cancellation, you will be responsible for the return. Other costs such as the price and shipping from the Vendor to you as a customer.


5.2 Exceptions

The right of cancellation does not apply if:


Software has broken sealed and downloaded software delivered to end user.

As a corporate customer, you have 10 days of open purchase and the packaging must be unopened.



In the event of a defect or defect, the Customer must, within a reasonable time after he or she discovered the defect / defect, notify the seller that he or she wishes to claim this. Complaints must be made no later than one years after the product has been purchased. If the product or parts of it are intended to last substantially longer, the time limit for claim is two years. Eg. TVs, home theatre and the like If the consumer does not inform on time, the right to make the defect is lost.

Help for cancellation, warranty or complaint

For warranty cases (item 4), cancellation (item 5) and complaint (item 6), we need your help to ensure that the product is in the right place. In case of warranty, we will either refer you to a workshop by ordering a shipping slip, or giving you contact information so that you can contact them. If you wish to make use of the deadline, you must be responsible for transport back to us. Contact us before returning a product.


Environmental Responsibility

The Vendor takes responsibility for the product in accordance with the regulations of 16 March 1998 on discarded electrical and electronic products (EE Regulations) through our cooperation with El-Retur. This means that you can submit your discarded product for environmental recycling at your municipal collection point free of charge.


Registration obligation at NRK’s ​​Licensing Department

When selling TVs and video players, we have a registration obligation at NRK’s ​​Licensing Department. This means that within 30 days we must provide the information necessary to register television receivers which are broadcast dutiable (what is commonly called TV license). The information we send is the buyer’s name, address and phone number. If we do not comply with our registration obligation, we will be fined.


The registration obligation follows the “Broadcasting Act”.


Confidentiality and Security, Personal Information

When you place your order with us, you provide personal information such as your name, address and phone number. In connection with your registration and ordering, you agree that we store and use your personal information in our business in order to complete our trade with you. We also document all the communication we have with you by phone and email to provide you with the service you expect from us.


The Vendor does not share your personal information with a third party. If you wish to receive our newsletter, we can send information and product tips to you via email. This can easily be cancelled via current newsletter or through contact with our customer service. According to the Personal Information Act, you have the right to access the information we have registered about you. If these are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may require the information to be deleted by contacting us.

Cookies – A cookie is a text file sent from a web page, to your computer, and stored either in the machine’s memory (session cookies) or as a small text file (text-based cookies). We use both of these cookie types. Text-based cookies are used to save login information and your shopping cart when browsing our pages. The latter will be deleted from the memory as soon as you close your browser. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will not be able to order items via the internet. You can easily change this setting in the browser. You can also order by phone for mail order.


NB! We never use cookies to store personal information about you.



Complaints or praise regarding the vendor’s services or products can be notified to the Vendor Customer Service, see contact us page for up to date contact details. If you are still not satisfied, contact your local consumer representative. The Vendor always complies with the recommendations of the Consumer Council.



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